C.E.E. Idiomas
C.E.E. IDIOMAS C/ Carmen 6. 28013 Madrid (Metro: Sol) Tel: (+34) 91 522 85 32 E-mail:empresas@cee-idiomas.com

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C.E.E. Empresas

C.E.E. Empresas (Corporate) is the C.E.E. Idiomas section devoted, for over thirty years, to the tuition of language training courses to companies and government agencies.

C.E.E. Empresas is made up of various sections; the Training Departments, the Administration Department and the Supervisory Department.

Training Departments

C.E.E. Empresas has five training departments, one for each of the five main languages we  teach; English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
Each Department is headed by a Coordinator, specific for each language, in charge of organizing, overseeing and supervising the courses, as well as of choosing the most adequate teachers and evaluating course results to establish the progress achieved in each case.

Administration Department

The Administration Department is in charge of all contact between C.E.E. Empresas and the company or Agency involved, attendance sheets, evaluations, progress reports…

The Administration Department is also in charge of providing budgets for the courses requested and of the billing of said courses.

Supervisory Department

The Supervisory Department, made up by the directors of C.E.E. Empresas, oversees and assists the other departments in order to optimize satisfactory results and quickly react to any event that may arise.


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